15 thoughts on “Kids Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally

  1. Fudge

    I went to subway and asked "Can i get some pickle on my sandwich?" they responded "Are you sure?" and then they gave me a whole fucking pickle…like they took out a jumbo dill and put that entire thing on my fucking meatball marinara.

  2. EndermanSniper

    Who uses a tissue to wipe their butt also why would you tell your kids to put it in the toilet?

  3. Springy Coyle

    This happened to me a few times.
    Mam said"throw your eye into the kitchen to check on the dogs"and she had to stop me pulling out my eye.
    My auntie said"take the rubish outside"so I left it on the doorstep.
    My dad said"throw your chair downstairs so I can fix it"so I threw my chair down the stwirsx

  4. roxy popdrop

    3:06 I told my son that's where Pooh goes…. I find this bears in the kids toilet
    4:00 I was fixing my computer when my son brought me his Sonic the hedgehog teddy he said it was to make my computer faster…… I find it in the computer….
    4:44 I told my son to put a jar of water in the dog's bowl GG I quit
    5:05 corrections write the word out 3 times
    Kids paperwork: out out out
    teacher: … 100

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