Looking for a Place in Nashville

I have been really busy since I got to Nashville. To start with I was living on the couch of this guy I know at these Antioch apartments. That could not last long, his girlfriend was not having it. She was telling him that if he would not let her move in with him, then I could not either. Obviously it is not even close to the same thing, but there is not any point in arguing with another guy’s girlfriend when you are the one asking favors. That couch was not very great for sleeping either, in fact I was just laying on the floor instead of that. I knew that I would wake up with a really sore back and be miserable if I tried to sleep on that thing. At any rate I have to find a good place to stay and I hope that I can find a roommate.

That really makes the most sense, but you have to find a person who is mentally and financially stable. I have had roommates who had problems in both areas. If you lose your job then it is just not going to be a good thing for the roommate. They have to figure out what to do, but for me it did not really matter. My name was not on the lease. In fact I was the third or fourth guy who had lived with the guy, so when it came time for me to walk away I was not bound to anything. That led me to the place where I learned that you really want to make sure you are not moving in with a crazy person. Believe me that is not something that you want to experience first hand. Of course they do not let you send potential roommates for psychiatric evaluation.

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