17 thoughts on “Making a picture frame (make molding on the table saw)

  1. Planted Tank Empire

    WOW ! Am am surprised you put dark color on such beautiful wood !
    I am wondering why you didn't use some or species of wood if you were going to color it?
    Nice job.

  2. rasu

    ahh yes the occasional "shit!" to punctuate my woodworking asmr playlist :)) Love the techniques shown for building the frame!

  3. Vineet Rajasekhar

    awesome video… a small tip from an old photographer: you might find that your picture lasts longer without fading if you use uv resistant glass, especially if it's a special one off picture you couldn't easily make a copy of, and if you're hanging it where it'll see sunlight. Thanks for your amazing work, a constant inspiration.

  4. boffin schist

    Today I cut mitres in cheap structural pine with my table saw and there were little chips along the edges. Maybe need to upgrade to premium pine. They make it look so easy.

  5. aj ngade

    doesn't matter what tools you use what matter is your final product. looking absolutely fabulous. good job.

  6. SovereignBlade

    I've been making molding for some years now using routers and a table saw… but several of his techniques are quite exciting. This young man is to be commended on his thinking and skills. You are an inspiration Matthias. It will be worth the extra effort for my original fine art and it can then be honestly call all U.S.A. made and made by the artist….Yea. Thanks for this fine video!

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