New RPG Show on Alpha: VAST – Full Pilot Sneak Peek!

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20 thoughts on “New RPG Show on Alpha: VAST – Full Pilot Sneak Peek!

  1. Michał Wojtas

    Sounds shitty. Boring cataclysm, boring alien species, no new fields explored, why bother with inventing new RPG universe?

  2. The BigLammo

    This was very interesting for about thirty minutes and then the expansive and up-front nature of how radically opposed to established space game ideals (I'm sorry but these crews draw large parallels as you mentioned to the empires that inspired their creation). The characters seemed altogether forced for rather, in specific, it seemed like the GM's perception of the fire people culture and the player of that character's perception were very differing but where in critical role this lends itself to new possibilities, it almost looked like the GM was trying to prod the culture back into place, or force the galaxy view of the player's character on them.

    Mercer is a rare fellow who has gone through the suffering of role play through a regimented and idealistic path designed to hone these fun aspects into skill and he relishes in the imagination offered to him through the interactions with his friends. He has such a rich world he has thrust his players into and the remarkable thing is that we as an audience are perfectly content watching them blunder through the world while only scratching the surface of it and, like a great DM, Matt just moves on from a point he constructed maybe for hours or days so that he can better narrate and enjoy the divergent path his game has taken him to.

    I can simply see the goals and mechanization or themes that the DM of the VAST campaign is trying to impress upon the players and to me it restricts the players own drive to explore independently and make stories of their own accord but running two parties in one campaign, I imagine, lends nightmares to that ideal.

    I should say I do applaud the effort in the world building and time devoted to making it – it again just seems fairly complete and hard for the players to make individual paths within.

  3. G Chandler

    Interesting concept, story-wise, it sounds like something I'd snatch up immediately if it was a book. The execution was a bit rough, but most pilots are, especially when it comes to shows with as many moving pieces as this one, so I wish I was willing to buy an Alpha subscription to give this show more time to grow on me, 'cause I feel like it could. I don't hate the idea of Alpha, since I completely understand the desire to create shows with higher production values and how so much of that is driven by budgetary constraints, but I also don't have the funds to allocate towards a subscription. I already subscribe to the Twitch channel, so that's good enough for me.

    I remember how rough the first few episodes of CR were, what with everyone still getting used to the idea of a show from a game that they've been playing in private and logistically developing how to televise an event that's literally nothing but people sitting down and talking, so I don't begrudge any of this show's rough edges or missteps. So if you're willing to give this show a shot as things grow from here and drop an Alpha subscription, go right ahead, it's your choice. I'm not going to subscribe, but I don't begrudge G&S's choice to try to raise the quality of their programming. Let's also try to keep the angry posting down. If you're not happy, then don't subscribe to Alpha. If people want to subscribe and enjoy this show, let them. Simple as that.

    Best of luck, Vast crew!

  4. Johnathon Crines

    Is it just me or is it just a tad ego maniacal that the Pac Ha Used there own heads as the logo for their peacekeeping forces.

  5. James Vann

    I wonder if Rayk didn't so much see the trees moving as heard them and simply prossessed it as seeing it

  6. James Closs

    So ignoring the "I hate Alpha" crowd who don't understand that we tragically live in a capitalist society where people need money to live and can't subsist on piddly ad revenue, I thought the first 1 1/2 hours were really rough, but that that is true of every RP stream show I have seen. So, moving PAST that to where this starts getting good, I think everything really started clicking after Lucy Bard delivered her speech to the spore folks and people felt more like "Okay, this is the world we're in." And "Is This a Good Idea" had a fantastic character introduction. Also I really like the two sided campaign dynamic.

    Unfortunately I only have so much time in my life to watch RP shows, and they are not worth the price of admission for me to keep watching. But I hope they are successful.

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