19 thoughts on “New Watery Discoveries on Enceladus and Europa!

  1. Ape man Commeth

    I think we should explore it and if we can't find life after trying hard then we should try sending bioengineered life that could grow and evolve! Speaking of that wonder if we have the technology now to bioengineer microbes that could consume methane for example and have it expel oxygen or some other chemical that another microbe would eat eventually creating a habitable environment even if it takes a long time! If there's no life there we should create life!

  2. turosfagyi

    scishow, when editing your videos, please don't cut the half-second silences between each sentence… it sounds so unnatural, as if the speaker is not taking any breaths. I understand you want to make your videos short and concise, but still 🙂 great content otherwise.

  3. mr. timebacon

    I love how scientists have like no evidence of some things but they are like OMG WE COULD TOTALY LIVE HERE!!1!!1

  4. Throttle Kitty

    What about poor Ganymede? No one ever mentions it has a liquid ocean inside of it, as well as liquid iron core with it's own full blown magnetosphere. I am pretty sure the ocean is just much deeper, resulting in no plumes. It's honestly my first bet for finding multi-cellular life in our Solar System, though getting to it would be a good bit harder…

  5. 1503nemanja

    I fear that even if there is life on Europa, Enceladus or some other frozen moon it will be very humble, like life near ocean vents here on Earth and more so because they don't have food and animals migrating from above. People might get disappointed imagining oceanic leviathans and giant octopuses but it turns out it is a few worms, some crabs and lots of microorganisms. Finding life there would still be huge and revolutionary but might underwhelm some people as well with its simplicity.

  6. Axtmoerder

    why dont they just send a fucking robot to europa to take samples of the water. all we need to find is one tiny microbe in the water, and boom, aliens exist, and creationists can fuck themselves. why does this take another 20+ years

  7. Nicholas Perez

    Always love watching the news episodes. Sometimes, it emulates an old news reel style which is great for generating excitement about the future

  8. Terron Hefley

    when does it become our responsibility to spread life to these areas? do we owe it to life to insure that it goes on after earth is gone?

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