Putting French Fries With A Beef Stir Fry = AMAZING

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10 thoughts on “Putting French Fries With A Beef Stir Fry = AMAZING

  1. Cheryl-jayne Gauldie

    Is it just me or has Mike gone all american? The way he said oregano? Vacation? And other examples can't remember right now cos i'm 2busy laughing at these idiots

  2. Laifs

    I had never heard of Lomo Saltado using alpaca. Lomo usually means Sirloin, and people in the coast tend to assume that's Beef Sirloin. Maybe it's different in the Andes. Chinese immigrants would have probably been most comfortable using beef.

    Saltado in Spanish translates to saute, which is what stir frying is. You will find that Peruvians are fine serving anything with rice, including other starches such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

  3. allan fulton

    If I made this dish I would have to make the onion and pepper pieces a lot smaller because I don't have teeth so everything that is need to be eaten with teeth has to be cut very small so I don't have to chew very much.

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