Ricky Steamboat gets cagey about Rick Rude: WWE Hall of Fame 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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13 thoughts on “Ricky Steamboat gets cagey about Rick Rude: WWE Hall of Fame 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. Free Spirit

    What an honour for Ricky Steamboat to induct the late Rick Rude into the HOF, an induction well overdue.

  2. tony93666

    that very last sentence was HUGE – "that was done on the fly" – highlighting what is sooooo WRONG about the WWE's "product". Every word, every gesture, every announcement is so scripted to the 9th degree that it's a) completely flat, as these are NOT talented actors, for the most part – and b) completely unbelievable because it's used to be/wanna be Hollywood writers who know NOTHING about BEING a PRO-WRESTLER inserting contrived, phony words into the mouths of the unfortunates who have drunk the kool-aid and still think that McMahon's ballsack is 'the holy land' and are afraid to fart sideways in case they might 'lose their spot'. And so, what Michael Cole became as a ringside announcer(pukes a little bit) is what we have as "sports entertainers". R.I.P. WWE thanks for almost single-handedly destroying the SPORT of professional wrestling (thank the godz for promotions like New Japan, Noah, ROH & others for keeping the WRESTLING in pro-wrestling)

  3. Freddie Blassie

    i was upset than Steamboat was saying stuff out of order. and didn't talk about his World Class run and Memphis. and Curtis Axel was there and no mention of Mr. Perfect!
    Eric and DDP did excellent job of covering everything. i love the dragon but at least mention Heenan and Rude's matches with Sting. Madusa would have been nice. Rudes son was okay. He is a big dude.

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