10 thoughts on “Sa Neter Grills Tommy Sotomayor On His Debate With Polite, White Women & More

  1. Rich Robin

    I don't fool with either of these coons. Young Pharoah is one of the few kings out here that know what's up, And Tommy, well that pompous nigga is nothing but a fucking coon, period. It doesn't take but half a single percent of brain capacity to see that fact. Both of these fools are lost in different ways.

  2. Uso Crazie

    Ok let me try to understand this…. Tommy makes it his job to publicly humiliate his own race on the internet…. Then wants to bitch and moan niggas are talking shit right back??? If u dish it u can take it .

  3. Lazoris Briggs

    That devilish grin on Sa neter is fucked up!!..Pro black loves pitting black against black for dollars…sad

  4. DJ LNR

    seriously saneter, brother polight would not survive Tommy on any day.. If I had seen this video when posted in could have saved you so much money with all those people ya paid who begged for money from your views, you could have had tommy come on and interview them.. And that's facts

  5. Mike Mike

    it's good money in pumping up the ego of dumb black women, ask these preachers. there churches are full of them. and these low income apartment living niggas ain't gonna say shit against them. cause they living cheap

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