16 thoughts on “Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW test driven all-new SUV neu VW Tiguan sister

  1. Supreme TW

    Just heads up to all about design fault found with this model

    basically rear doors near wheelarches are collecting ALL dirt and mud because it has not been protected well from the wheels.

    Thomas if you read this comment please inform Seat officials or test it yourself. Its quite serious problem and will cause a lot corrosion very fast if not washed away often.


  2. Lu do

    Wow! Fuel consumption 10.9 l/100 km (!!!)?? How come? Where's the 5.8 l/100 km which is advertised on Seat's site?

  3. mohammad rachid

    thanks. can you show all the deffrent system assist in this ateca on the road like traffic jam assist ?

  4. Andreas Tsouk

    Hello from Hellas! Congratulations for the honest simple and direct review Thomas. Keep up the good work! I would like to ask you if you notice difference between the consumption of the ateca 1.4 FWD and the 1.4 AWD. Thank you in advance!

  5. Supreme TW

    Thomas do you also do sound system tests on any cars especially with higher trim packages?
    Seat offers also better sound system for this car (same i think as Leon sound system).
    It would be nice to know on subjective opinion how it sounds or what can be adjusted.

  6. Ben Linus

    Danke Thomas für den "Licht Part"! Würde mich drüber freuen das öfter zu sehen 🙂

    Schade, dass am Heck die Blinker wie leider häufig zu sehen als einziges nicht in LED ausgeführt sind. Es ist mir immer unbegreiflich warum der Blinker hier häufig aussen vor bleibt…

    Desweiteren bin ich voll bei Dir was den Stop Mechanismus der Elektronischen Heckklappe anbelangt, ein absolutes fettes NO GO! Man stelle sich das eigene Kind unterhalb der Heckklappe vor…unglaublich…! Man fragt sich wie bekommt man sowas zugelassen als Hersteller…?

  7. Goce Dimkovski

    Can you make maybe a compaction video between Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Ateca.
    Those cars are really close one to another, with small size difference. I hope others would like to see that video as well.
    Great channel. Although it rained you were very professional.

  8. Lee Jackson

    I test drove the 1.0 litre at my local shopping centre. drove lovely, plenty of power. Now considering getting one.

  9. paulogpj

    Exterior perfeito, porém interna não condiz com a externa do veículo… SUZUKI deveria ter pego este molde para sua Nova Grand Vitara e Vitara

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