11 thoughts on “Should You Buy It? Retro City Rampage DX on Nintendo Switch Review

  1. Phantom Drags

    I never got this game on the 3DS or Vita and this game is meant to be a portable title. So I got in on Switch.

  2. Seniku Moonjewel

    I want it but don't think its worth the £12 asking price, so I'm holding off until its on sale.

  3. Claudio Paola

    Hey FILIP!
    I played this on Steam and absolutely adored it! I had no clue that RCR DX was available until I saw your upload! Thanks a ton! I can't wait to get this for the Switch! I've been wanting to replay this title for a while too!

  4. dreadGodshand

    Please do a review for implosion sir? I'm on the fense on that game. 🙁 and i don't have enough time to watch lets play on it. 🙁

  5. Aaron Stingray

    Downloaded it this morning. I've been downloading every week the remastered NEOGEO games as well.

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