13 thoughts on “Spoon: I Ain’t The One

  1. AnotherPotato PassingBy

    Want to say thank you again James for bringing these guys on, (or whoever on your team is responsible for this type of booking) and to spoon for coming onto the show to actually play the song. Great peeps, stay safe.

  2. Nathan Allen

    The best thing about Spoon is that all of their songs sound like Spoon, and yet none of them sound the same.

  3. AnotherPotato PassingBy

    Anyone know a song that happened to be on ugoplayer / flashvideo websites similar to the sound of this one? Something about Silver Moon / Silver Wolf. I lost it about 8 years ago been looking for it since.

  4. Ashley Carr

    Mesmerizing, hauntingly beautiful song. Love it. Heard it for the first time on the season 6 final episode of Suits. Perfect match between the song and an emotional scene. Knew I had to find out the name of the song and whose song it was and I have been listening to this song again and again since!

  5. Kelly Pleau

    Really ..Listen…. this band can move your whole body inside and out.. ..

    It only took me a couple of songs.. not even whole songs… and I am fully moved… You will be too!!!

    Promise 🙂

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