17 thoughts on “Spoon Performs ‘Can I Sit Next To You’

  1. beatz04

    Why is there a picture of Little Richard on the bass drum ? I immediately had to google him to see if he's still alright, which fortunately yes, he is.

  2. FruckFilms

    "Ladies and gentlemen… Spoon."
    Wait, right now? Really?
    "Spoon everybody, we'll be right back!
    Ok ok quit rushing me Stephen.. I was just listening to that great band that came out of nowhere when you asked everybody to.. oooh! Man I gotta pay better attention, sorry everyone.

    Now let's Spoon.

  3. Jodie Banks

    No Stephen you filthy insane Communist you can not sit next to me.
    Liberalism has become a mental disorder.

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