11 thoughts on “TED Talks Education

  1. lina lina

    The best education is not going to school at al. We don´t need no education. We need inspiration, an heroic home culture, where the parents can be a leading example, where the parents live successful habits, like how to respect eachother, how to learn from eachother, virtues, and morals, values, and christianity or a good religion, philosophy and how to read people, how to handle toxic people, or challenging situations, reading, public speaking, critical thinking, running your own race, loving what you do, and keep on doing what you love, how to laser like focus, persistence, endurance, consistency and learning every kid to think for themselves and how they can educate themselves. HOMESCHOOLING is the only answer on growing kids that will be GENIUS.

  2. Chukwuma Victor Nnamdi

    This is to inform all UNN students that Course Registration for the Second Semester of the 2016/17 session has started.
    The portal will be opened for Course Registration as follows:
    Opening Date: 10th April, 2017.
    Closing Date: 24th April, 2017.
    Late Course Registration which attracts a penalty of N500 begins on 25thApril, 2017 and Closes on 8th May, 2017.
    Any student who fails to register within this time frame is deemed to have forfeited this semester.
    The Registrar will not condone any letter seeking for permission to register courses after this stipulated deadline.
    Please be duly informed.

    ICT Customer Service Team.


  3. Jacqueline Way

    Everyone needs to hear this. It is a message that will travel through generations of educators.

  4. Voltaire Voltaires

    There no educational CRISIS. This system could certainly be improved but this is overstating the issue.

  5. monkeybunny89

    pay teachers 30% more and make them work till 5pm to lesson plan = problem solved. all other talk is just "talk."

  6. Roel Vink

    The ultimate truth will make the education system be all it can be. Education makes people/children slaves of their environments, ofcourse you need to learn something, but if half of the education system is based on untruths and non objective reasoning ( for example history) It is better to not be a part of it. There is only 1 thing you need to learn. Learn the ultimate Truth of Life ( best explanation of the big picture of life in every facet) The Truth contains your ultimate purpose. Google TruthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present

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