10 thoughts on “The 3 Earth Ages/Spiritual Eyes.

  1. laurie Bott

    LOVE LOVE LOVE SHEPHERDS CHAPEL, been a follower for almost 20 years, I have the Strongs Concordance and the Companion Bible.. His teachings are still coming to pass just as God had given him the knowledge and understanding of today's events. Thanks BP love you too.

  2. Dreamylyn Moore

    the god of fire is Zeus and Not the god i serve. the fallen angels in genesis chapter 6, and backed up in the Greek history tell of the gods aka sons of God and they were from heaven when the Hebrew people turned against God our Creator the Heavenly Father, they turned to the god of fire. Satan was the jealous god. but the Hebrew or Jews chose the god of fire and they were warned told they didn't need a king or a god other then being self governing. there were many gods and there's only one Living Loving Heavenly Father yet many are still deceived and the bible is telling you who's in control and yet many keeps fallowing after the god of fire Lucifer or Satan whatever you call'm. I pray many will seek the truth and wake up to the deception. Jesus said his Father our Heavenly Father Loves Us and the people turned away from Him. the more i hear people talking about the bible i have to wonder if they even listen to the words and know the truth or just assume they comprehend who they are giving power over to.

  3. Caron Powers88

    Ol' Arnold Murray…used to keep me company 20 years ago on late night local television. Presented some truth and some wacko theories. He was pushing the serpent seed theory at one time. Gotta love him tho. Thank you

  4. Linda Cirillo

    Oh,,, and i DO have IMMENSE RESPECT for OUR MARINE'S , AND ALL WHO SERVE THE COUNTRY WITH HONOR , my dad did his part in WWII,,,,,, love and respect,,,,,,, i know many good believers are here,,

  5. Linda Cirillo

    Hmmmm, no offense to anybody here,, i love God,, and His Word.. the Truth no one talks about is that Jesus was Black,, (not olive, Black),,, So were the HEBREWS,,,,,,,, i took down every white Jesus from my house,,, We have been lied to,,,,,,,, i retaught my children the Truth,,,,,, i don't care for conflict,,,, i care for peace,,,,,,,, think of how you were taught to worship and kneel before a white Jesus,,,, when Jesus was really black,,, do you see,?,,,,,,,,,,, this pastor is not going to teach that,, or talk about it,,, or correct it,,,, be Super careful,,,, There is a God,,, if Jesus was black,,, What color would His Father be,,,?????

  6. dwbsovran

    Excellent Jesse! Thanks! This is the scripture of YHWH, the word of truth. I would not believe this man to fall for or utter any words from that other work of fiction, researched and proven false by numerous biblical scholars. The Book of Adam is widely regarded as a very clever and relatively recent work of fiction. I highly regard the books of the apocrypha and their authors, as do almost all biblical researchers.

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