20 thoughts on “The Brightest Eye – Vast RPG Episode 2

  1. warthog1555

    I'm really liking this. I just saw this on twitch the other day. I really wish that all of it was on twitch or youtube but hopefully we'll get to see it outside of alpha sometime.

  2. thalgrond

    About the ship design: is anyone else getting a hint of Vorlon from Babylon 5, crossed with some Reaver from Firefly? That's what the ship looks like to me. And the Reaver thing is definitely backed up by the fact that it has "Boarding Spears".

  3. Jonathan Arras

    Kinda seems forced, like the DM created the characters and just casted it out. The lore is really in depth but confusing or better, not necessary.

  4. John Shepard

    im not really getting the system they are using, but it seems complicated and not particularly success friendly. they seem to fail at every turn. :/

  5. MrBollox79

    this is great and hilarious… and the guy playing Infinite seeker was double hilarious with his insane amounts of fucking metal lol!

  6. Karo brine

    GnS "We pride ourselves on offering content to everyone, treating our viewers with respect, and working with them for everything!"
    Legend-"But, here me out, what if we just fucking paywall most of their favorite content without telling them anything until two weeks in advance, and not working with them at all? Oh, and don't forget to completely ignore everyone's questions, or the desires of any of the actual content creators."
    Legend. If it sounds like something EA would do. Lets do it.

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