4 thoughts on “The Canning Stock Route – The Ultimate Solo Adventure – Ep 5

  1. Jimbob Jones

    Let me be FIRST (Yay!) to congratulate you on another great episode; I'm just very sorry to hear you ran out of wine! Thanks for answering one of the questions I had about the CSR – I am happy to learn that their are people like Track Care WA Inc. maintaining the wells, and not just expect government to do everything. I am appalled at the many vehicle and trailer wrecks, and assorted rubbish left behind on the trail as I've noticed in your and other YT videos, and I hope you will also spread the message that it is not cool. The rule should be to "Take out what you bring in"!! It is a privilege to have access to almost unlimited wild open spaces like you have in Australia, and it should never be taken for granted!

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