18 thoughts on “The Gifted 1×08 Promo “threat of eXtinction” (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Promo

  1. dbzking02

    Wait wait wait!! Andy and Lauren are actual comic book characters (The Fenris Twins)?!?! I thought their last name was just a coincidence! mind blown

  2. Qasim

    I'm surprised there aren't more comments about the horrific acting. Like i cringe every time. If it wasn't X-Men related i wouldn't have gotten past the first 2 minutes.

  3. florian belleterre

    I knew it. It was obvious that reed's uncle and aunt were the mutants that rampage in brésil.

  4. Articuno224

    This promo gives me a feeling of Andy and Lauren possibly turning dark side at some point. And honestly I both love that idea and hate it.

  5. Joe Steel

    I'm loving this show apart from the relationship stuff. Marco/Lorna and Lauren/Wes, it's too much. The 100 is good with the relationship stuff and hasn't becoming a sope-opera. Hopefully this show can follow in the footsteps.

  6. Randolph Rodriguez

    I really enjoy this series. If only they could bring a Wolverine in this series, not Logan or X23, but someone like Daken or James Hudson. To me, it would be awesome that they could bring more Xmen characters

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