13 thoughts on “Train – Drops of Jupiter (Official Video)

  1. William Palmer

    Every time I hear this song it makes me happy but also very very depressed because I start thinking about a girl I once talked to not too long ago and she broke everything off with me and I loved her I could barely talk to her without getting butterflies in my stomach the whole time her eyes reminded me of the stars that would shine at night and her voice was so sweet sweeter than sugar but I've lost her now and I still love her and I always will

  2. Highlander72 B

    about 17yrs ago I was a delivery driver..my son was 2 about 3…he rode with me everyday…he has a brain injury..but loves to sing(still does at 19)…he would sing this song at the top of his voice. …so now everytime I hear this song it makes my heart smile…especially in the tough times….in love you my beautiful boy…….

  3. OMMJC OregonMJConnection

    Was in the last year of high school when I first listened to these guys. Seems these days, most of the music I hear definitely brings in the nostalgia

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