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  1. chasey1978

    I loved the rogue bags but they're a bit too much still for me lol. I settled on their prairie satchel for 350 instead.

  2. Happiness A Lifestyle

    Nice review and nice bag! Please check my coach handbag collection on my channel, would appreciate it.

  3. S Sean is scumbag

    the Coach store manager Sean Cai is a psychotic psychopath. this man is pure evil, super scheming, deceptive, a pathological liar and sexually deviant. he sleeps around with the models whom he works with, cheats on his wife and his friends. you can't believe any word said by this man. he is very calculating and dishonest!! coach shall not hire him!!

  4. Mikki M

    I really enjoyed your review ! Thnaks ! I have the 2nd generation of this bag in the Butterscotch. Its really beautiful, so much so i haven't even used it yet, just stare at it lol ! I was not a big Coach fan either, untill recently, Their new director is really trying to go to a more luxurious upscale path & they are even closing out a lot of their lower end bags & closing a LOT of Outlet stores. I too was dissapointed that the bag did not come with lock & key, I was told by Coach that they were having an issue with the key breaking inside the lock, and also they were trying to cut down n the weght of the bag ( makes no sense they don't weigh that much), so I just ordered my own lock & key from mautto.com they make them for Coach and also have all sorts of replacement rings straps etc for handbags. Since I bought this bag, I saw a 1st generation Rogue in the Hay color with Ostrich handles that now I'm dying for ! Ugh ! Can we say handbag addiction ?

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