20 thoughts on “Vast “Free”

  1. Dave-O

    Crosby is a talented man who had a rough run in the public eye. Kind of too young to escape big label intervention and too young to fully ride the wave of new media distribution.. this tune , a 2000 product, stands as an interesting landmark of a time between times. it also shows that to make it to the top you need to have the right personality. i get the feeling Crosby was the kind of person that created a lot of conflict in his life and didn't quite generate the money to justify the drama, despite his gifts

  2. Jimmy The Abyss Walker

    This song brings back a lot of memories…..good & bad. Used to be one of my favorite songs

  3. Tec45

    VAST was the first band I ever liked and got me into alternative rock. Such a typical music videos of the times though haha.

  4. Suzanne Bell Esmay

    Awesome, awesome song but THE stupidest video.  Gawd, poor Jon, he must have been cringing when the record company made him do this.

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