Watch: Woman threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane’

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16 thoughts on “Watch: Woman threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane’

  1. Jack Ford

    Where are the real MEN? For the love of God and the sanctity of the balls hanging between your legs, was there not one MAN who could have immediately squashed this little roach to protect the souls on this aircraft? God help us. I swear my petite 98lb wife has more courage than the pussies sitting cowardly by in this video.

  2. CasuallyObservant

    Look on her FB profile. She shows only 3 friends. She has half her head shaved, weird tattoos on her body and makes it clear she is a lesbian. She has only a few angry posts, mostly related to her sexuality.

    She is unbalanced and matches the profile of so many of the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) who hate men, hate the president and march about the injustice of it all.

    She should be on the no-fly list at least for Southwest Airlines.

  3. Stephen Jones

    Aw, man. I wish I would have been on that plane and near her/him/it. I would have punched the crap out of him/her/it. It would have felt SO good!

  4. Chtoff 333

    And how exactly does this weak white girl female think she is "going to kill everybody"? All it would take is one single punch from any man that isn't a weak ass effeminate bitch, and she would be sprawled out limp on the floor. But watch out, she's going to kill everybody LOL. This inept, impotent weak pale female, couldn't kill a bunny rabbit if she tried.

  5. Jeff Meltzer

    Start giving flight attendants teaser training that will stop that dumb crap. Probably some Libtard any way acting that way

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