What Led to Chris Pratt & Anna Faris’ Sudden Split? | E! News

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10 thoughts on “What Led to Chris Pratt & Anna Faris’ Sudden Split? | E! News

  1. ro wins

    Chris, when you were just an ugly f*ck and was just struggling to be known in the biz anna was there for you… fame, money and your little brain ruined your relationship.

  2. Marco Polo

    I wish someone would explain to me what the big deal about Chris Pratt is.  Parks and Recreation was a horrible show and I saw the Jurassic Park movie with him and Ron Howard's daughter.  It was a disaster.  I walked out of the theater halfway through the movie.

  3. Emmet Brickowski

    I hate when I split with anna Faris
    we were so happy for each other and then Boom it happened I blame it on jennifer lawrence

  4. Cody Goins

    Ppl dont know what they went through. I public, they have to keep up a reputation and persona. But, behind closed doors he/she could be very insecure. Also, he/she could be violent etc. Or, very mean to each other. Plus, chris is constantly going back and forth with these movies. Maybe too much time apart, he could have potentially told her that, "Hey, I love you with all of my heart. And, I dont want you to feel like you have to sit at home all the time watching over jack etc. You deserve to be happy, and I want you to go out and live your life and be/find happiness." No one will truly know, because you are not *THEM*!!!

  5. toplaycool21

    I'm kinda disappointed in one respect because he made a huge deal about her pregnancy with their son and how they got closer and stuff. Now, they are separating. But on the other hand, I am not surprised because look at him. He is a sex icon for women right now. When he was on Parks and Recreation, he was the average man sex-ish icon. He boosted the average man look for American men. He doesn't fit that anymore with his fit body.

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