13 thoughts on “What’s In My Hospital Bag | Fleur De Force

  1. Dawn This

    Congratulations on your sweet girl. My baby is nearly grown. I’ve enjoyed watching you go through your pregnancy on your vlog and your Instagram stories since baby’s arrived. It’s brought back such a sweet nostalgia for me xo

  2. Jennie Wright

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby, enjoy her for as long as you want, people leaving nasty and demanding comments is just unnecessary, she's your child and you're entitled to keep her to yourself for as long as you want ❤️❤️

  3. Catherine Lennon

    If you're planning on having a natural birth a dressing gown is crucial for when people visit you, every pair of Pj's that I brought were stained pretty much immediately.

  4. Vonda Cook

    I brought a wheeled bag because then if I had to go to the hospital without someone helping me I could take my things in myself.

  5. Ashley Jade

    I bet that this video was strange for you to watch back before uploading. Now that you know what you used/didn't use etc

  6. LukeandMix Pelosi

    Hi, I've just joined you today 🙂 I found the maternity wards so nosie, especially other ladies snoring lol headphones or ear plugs are good lol

  7. Keating Bartlett

    I'm so excited for you!! I can't believe you're so close to delivering already. I'd definitely add flip flops to your bag and a longer phone cord. We're in the U.S. but the closest outlet in my hospital room was across the room haha so I used a 6 or 8 foot cord in order to charge my phone and keep it by my bed. I also brought healthy snacks as well. I don't know about the hospital food there, but I'm so big on healthy eating and the hospital food they kept giving me just wasn't appealing to me haha I was constantly sending my husband home to get berries and veggies and things like that. So keep that in mind as well!! 🙂

  8. Zi Cheng

    it's kinda funny how some people see hospitals as a dirty place with lots of germs. in my head it's the cleanest place possible bc it has to be sterile most of the time and they clean everything with anti-bacterial stuff.

  9. sarah currie

    Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby girls fleur and Mike enjoy your time with you baby xxxx

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