10 thoughts on “WISH APP HAUL!

  1. Josie Fletcher

    Your literally an inspiration to my YouTube channel. I am trying to get at least 50 subscribers before my birthday. I am definitely a subscriber to your channel and btw. I love youuuu

  2. Lindsey Morgan

    I love that you don't expect to get a $100 item for only paying $2-$3. I hate seeing the reviews on the app where people are so mad that the item wasn't better quality or something. Just found your videos. You're awesome!

  3. Lov Lovel

    I have a question i really want to buy that sticky bra but im curious if it stays on all day and is it comfy on?

  4. Stephanie Windhaus

    What size did u order in the sunglasses because i have a pretty little head and im concerned I get a size that ends up too big for me

  5. Sarah

    don't buy sunglasses from such cheap sites because the sunglasses are usually not protecting your eyes. what happens when you put on sunglasses is that everything seems darker us your eyes expand you know the black part inside gets bigger and because of this the sun has a bigger area in your eye to attack, this is how cheap sunglasses can actually be even worse and not wearing any sunglasses at all

  6. Mossfaerie

    For future reference, wish is basically just a shitty eBay. EVERY item you find on wish can be found on eBay for $1-$5 with free shipping/WAY cheaper than wish and they're the exact same items.

  7. Alahni Ackerman

    Ok so different sized boobs is a normal thing

    lol I hate how for mine, one is heavier and larger while the other was smaller.. annoying

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