20 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi6 vs Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Battery Drain Test! (4K)

  1. Ravjyot Singh

    This is not a fair comparison. It's iPhone 7 plus and s8. should have used s8 plus instead. For a fair comparison.

  2. General Nazid

    Do this comaprison after 5 months of using s8 all phones give u better battery back up for first 5-6 months. If u wanted to do this test u should have been buyed all new phones

  3. Clayspeed #

    Stop testing at full brightness (not realistic daily usage) and the results will be equalized. As much as you test phones how do you not realize that an LCD is going to draw more power. Strange…

  4. Radha Manohar

    Iphone is actual winner .Iphone has 1950mah and S8 has 3000mah.Dont you know even there is large battery capacity difference.Bull shit video. Anyone agrees with me.Stop making shit videos and dont make us fool.Iphone performs best all times but only drawback is low battery capacity but awesome optimisation.

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