ZETOR Diesel Engine Rebuild – Can Steve Figure Out These Valves?!?

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10 thoughts on “ZETOR Diesel Engine Rebuild – Can Steve Figure Out These Valves?!?

  1. BOPotstill

    As a diesel tech myself, I can vouch for Steve's method. That's the best way to adjust valves consistently to the correct lash and get the right feeler gauge drag.

    That engine must have an odd firing order based on the valve positions shown. It almost looks like it's a 90° plane crank rather than a 180° plane crank (no companion cylinders). Just a guess…

  2. Steve Skouson

    OK, I was adjusting the valves on an old-style
    Toyota Land Crusher, one from the 70's.

    I put the car in 2nd or 3rd, and was standing in
    between the car body and the front bumper.

    To turn the crank, all I had to do, was push
    backwards, or pull forward.

    Luckily, the front bumper was a foot forward
    of the frame.

    Stephen, I did do the valves, one cylinder at
    a time. I MUCH prefer that method, on gas
    engines. (Most of them have a slight ramp
    on the cam, that gradually takes up the slack,
    before the valve is opened.)


  3. Stephen Cox

    just to add to the comments- There is an art to adjusting valves. Some poeple are really good at it and some arent. If you dont deal with this stuff for a living then roll each cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke and do one cylinder at a time. Or if your not confident in your ability roll the engine to where the opposite vale is fully open/down and then adjust the other valve. ie; intake is fully open/down on cylinder #1 then adjust the exhaust valves(s). I did it that way when I first started because I didn't understand how the valves worked.

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